No one wants to talk to me.” 

Everyone is mean to me.” 

I’m always worried I’m going to do/say something stupid.

Ever asked your elementary-schooler or teenager, “What’s wrong?” and gotten any of those answers in response? 

Does it sometimes feel like, no matter what advice you offer, your child’s situation at school or with friends doesn’t seem to get any better? 

Let us provide a safe space for your child or teen to work through social or behavioral problems. 

In our Youth Recreational and Social Program, we support and empower children and teens struggling with:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Feeling socially isolated 
  • Social anxiety 

What is the Youth Recreational and Social Program? 


Led by warm, accepting Peak Wellness Center case managers, our Youth Recreational and Social Program provides an opportunity for children and teens—ages elementary school to high school—to learn new skills and connect with others their age who are working through similar social or behavioral challenges. 

Each week, in a low-pressure, supervised, and structured environment, group members get the chance to try out social and behavioral skills they’ve been working on with their individual therapists. 

All activities—from crafts, to going on outings to places like the bowling alley or a park—are structured and overseen by the group’s leader, who makes sure all interactions stay positive, safe, and constructive.

How can my child or teen join the Youth Recreational and Social Program? 


Our Youth Recreational and Social Program is open to all children and teens enrolled as clients of Peak Wellness Center! 

To learn more about getting started at Peak Wellness Center—including what to bring with you for your first appointment, how we work with your insurance, and what that initial meeting with us will look like—check out our Getting Started page.