We can’t say “we’re here for you” if we’re not actually here for everybody.

So we’re changing that. We’re coming back to our roots.

Peak Wellness Center lowers rates

Recently, we’ve made some changes to the cost of our services. By lowering the cost, we’re not only able to serve a wider portion of our community; we’re also getting back in touch with what it truly means to be a partner to the people we serve.

Our exceptional quality of care hasn’t changed. The faces you know and trust are still here.We’re just ready to come back to our roots—to our mission of helping each member of our community become their best self—and the first step is ensuring our prices allow us to include as many people as possible.

Southeast Wyoming? We hear you, and we’re here for you.

To learn more about the services we offer, follow the links below.

Mental Health
Substance Abuse
Youth and Family
Life Assistance