Life Assistance Services

We help make day-to-day living easier

To help you succeed long-term in your personal and professional life, the team at Peak Wellness Center provides life assistance services that include supported housing and connecting clients with people at other organizations in our community offering a wide range of support services.

Our goal is to make sure each Peak client has the tools, resources and backup he or she needs  to effectively manage the daily aspects of mental health challenges and successful long-term recovery from substance abuse.

Totally customized services

The right life assistance can be completely different for each person. One person might need help minimizing distractions at work, following instructions or learning better ways to communicate with co-workers. Another person might need help with parenting and learning how to read. Another person might want opportunities to make new friends who understand the challenges of staying sober.

We help in just the right way—for where you are today and where you want to go.

Just about everything is easier with a little help!

We can accomplish so much by working together. Talk with with your lead therapist about how Peak’s life assistance services fit with your long-term plan.