Treatment & Recovery Services

We help you take back your mind and body

As part of Peak Wellness Center’s proven, evidence-based treatments for addictions, we can if needed provide a safe, serene, closely monitored setting for people to withdraw from alcohol or drugs.

We can help you decide whether outpatient or residential treatment is the best option and understand how to transition from active addiction to treatment to successful long-term recovery.

Our approach to detox, treatment and recovery

We understand your physical and emotional needs when it comes to substance abuse and can help you deal with these needs while treating your dependency.

In the peace and quiet of our care facilities, we help you understand addiction, treatment and recovery, take a close look at whether you are ready to begin recovery, and find your motivations to commit to becoming the person you were meant to be.

Working with you to develop a treatment plan

Working together with you, we make a plan for recovery that’s based on your personal strengths. Because it’s so important for long-term success, every treatment plan includes helping you understand and effectively manage relapse triggers. Every treatment plan also includes participation in aftercare, which means activities such as counseling or support group participation that you continue over time to makes sure you succeed now and in the future.

Outpatient substance abuse treatment for adults

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) non-residential treatment provides a strong foundation of knowledge, structure and reliable support to help adults with substance abuse problems achieve long-term recovery.

This proven, comprehensive program includes

  • Psychiatric services and medication management
  • Intensive one-on-one and group counseling
  • Relapse prevention
  • Building early recovery and life skills for sobriety
  • Peer specialist support and interventions
  • An introduction to 12-step programs
  • Family education about substance abuse recovery
  • Individual and group therapy for family members
  • Drug testing as a way to reinforce abstinence
  • Case management
  • Long-term aftercare

Residential substance abuse treatment for adults

Our residential treatment programs follow a “modified therapeutic-community model,” which means that we provide a highly structured group-living setting, overseen and facilitated by Peak clinical staff and therapist, where clients interact and learn together. The programs integrate education, group counseling, peer support, social activities, life skills building, and daily living activities within addiction treatment.

We have dedicated residential treatment facilities for women, men, and veterans.

Youth substance abuse treatment

Peak provides separate, specialized programs for treating youth substance abuse.

For men

Transitions – residential addiction dependency services

Located in Cheyenne, our Transitions residential treatment care center for men provides a safe, supportive environment for successfully treating substance addiction.

Services provided in this small community environment include counseling, hosting for independent 12-step programs, medical care coordination, and education specific to the challenges that men face, as well as classes on parenting and professional success.

For women (with their children)

Chrysalis – residential substance abuse treatment center

Chrysalis provides a home-like setting, comprehensive support services, and 24/7 staffing for long-term residential substance abuse treatment for women.
Services provided through Chrysalis include medical care and child care coordination, transportation, individual and group counseling, hosting for independent 12-step programs, and education on parenting, nutrition, job skills building, relationships, domestic violence, and other topics related not only long-term recovery but also personal and professional success.

For veterans

Residential housing and support services coordinated with the VA

In partnership with Cheyenne Veterans Affairs, Peak provides housing in residential areas and case management services for homeless veterans participating in an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program through the VA.

Transitional housing

Peak also offers multiple transitional housing options for people ready to reintegrate with the community after residential addiction treatment. Learn about transitional and other supported housing options.

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