Treating Trauma & PTSD

The effects of trauma: very real—and very treatable

Insomnia, anger, fear, numbness, anxiety attacks, depression, reliving past events—the after-effects of trauma or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can take over your mind and life, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our specialized counselors have proven ways to help you process past events and move through the after-effects of physical assault, sexual assault, catastrophic loss, major accidents, witnessing violence, military deployment or other intense or traumatizing experiences.

Whether it’s something that happened today or years ago, we can help.

Immediate help in a crisis

If you have just experienced a trauma, the team at Peak Wellness Center can help not only with your mental health and well-being but also with managing other related things:

  • Making sure you receive any necessary medical care
  • Arranging safe emergency housing—for yourself or your family
  • Arranging emergency childcare and transportation
  • Making calls to your family or employer
  • Coordinating care with other healthcare providers
  • Working with law enforcement

We create a safe zone for you

One of the best things about working with a Peak counselor to treat trauma or PTSD is that you don’t need to worry about censoring your thoughts and feelings as you might with family, friends or colleagues.

A Peak counselor is a caring but neutral person outside your family, circle of friends or workplace. So you can be totally honest without worrying about repercussions. We understand what you’re going through, and we’re not going to judge you for what happened, how you reacted, what you feel or what you say.

You are safe with us. We are on your team, and we can help you.

Helping your mind recover from trauma

Our caring and supportive therapists have multiple, scientifically proven methods to help your mind recover from trauma and help you manage your life and commitments while you do.

We also offer specialized youth trauma services tailored to the child or teen's age and circumstances.

Family therapy

PTSD can affect your whole family, adding another layer of stress to something that’s already hard. We can help out with this too.

We offer family counseling as well as individual counseling for spouses/partners and specialized therapy for teens and kids. Our experienced counselors can help your family understand what’s going on, help them handle their own thoughts and feelings, and help them learn what does or doesn’t help. That makes life easier for everyone.

Managing secondary symptoms while you recover

In addition to helping you learn and practice specific approaches for managing PTSD symptoms while your mind recovers, our psychiatrists can when appropriate prescribe medications to help manage secondary symptoms of depression or anxiety. Ask your therapist if psychiatry would be helpful in your treatment.

For your convenience, we even have an in-house pharmacy.

We can help you recover and move on