Crisis Help & Suicide Prevention

Immediate help for anyone in a mental health crisis

Mental health problems don’t discriminate. Anyone—a physician, a stay-at-home mom, a kindergartener, a returning soldier, a store clerk, a retired teacher, a mechanic, a CEO—anyone can suddenly find himself, herself or a family member in a mental health crisis.

We hope that it never happens, but if it does, we’re always available to help you. Our expert team will know exactly the right steps to take next.

It does get better.
We will help you make sure it does.

Casa de Paz

Our mental-health-crisis respite center

An alternative to hospitalization for a mental health crisis, our Casa de Paz (“House of Peace”) care center provides safe, voluntary residential housing for people suffering from an increase in severe mental illness symptoms.

The program reduces the trauma and cost of care while a client stabilizes from the crisis while we plan next steps.

Trauma services

Peak offers advanced trauma services for people who have suffered a catastrophic loss or been victims of violence, physical assault, sexual assault or a traumatizing accident.

Our trauma services include

  • Ensuring you receive necessary medical care
  • Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Arranging emergency housing or childcare
  • Coordination with other healthcare providers
  • Long-term aftercare

We also offer specialized trauma services for children and adolescents.

Care that’s available and affordable for everyone

We offer our services on a sliding fee scale and accept Medicaid, Medicare and most insurance to make sure that you can always afford the care you need.

Suicide prevention

If you or a friend needs immediate help, please call 911 or 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline will connect you to a compassionate, trained counselor who can help you right away.

We’re always here for you

If you or a friend is having a mental health crisis or revisiting thoughts of suicide, please contact us right away about the many ways we can help make life easier for you. We even offer drop-in appointments.

Your health and happiness matter to us. We genuinely care and want to help you.