Parenting Classes

Gain new knowledge and skills for parenting—and a more peaceful home life

Raising a child is a learning process for every parent. Kids change, face new challenges, go through “phases,” have stress in school, get cranky, grow up, and become even more their own person every day—as do we all! As a parent, you may find it hard to keep up, especially while balancing other responsibilities.

Our team at Peak Wellness Center offers classes that address common difficult parenting situations and transitions, such as having a first baby, dealing with toddlers or resolving conflicts with teenagers.

Peak parenting classes help parents improve family communication, rebuild relationships, implement effective discipline, develop new skill sets and create their own positive parenting style.

Our therapists also offer specialized classes and support groups to help with the unique challenges of raising children with mental illness or addictions.

Popular parenting class topics

  • Parents or caretakers interacting with infants
  • Mother-child relationship development
  • Parenting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Parenting skills for early childhood
  • Developing a positive parenting style

We’re always developing new programs and classes, so contact us for a list and details of our current parenting classes as well as our recreational and social programs for children ages 7 and up.

Host a parenting class at your organization

We offer a variety of programs on special topics including parenting, success in school, coping with bullying, confidence building, stress management and many others.

We can help you become the parent you want to be

Join our group programs for parents who want to build knowledge and skills for a happier family life.