A FREE online tool to reduce stress, anxiety and depression

myStrength, a free online tool for Peak Wellness Center clients, helps you track and manage stress, depression and anxiety while tapping into the power of your mind to improve your overall well-being.]

Why sign up?

  • It’s totally free and gets great results.
  • It’s highly customized, with a home-page dashboard and week-by-week action plan tailored to your unique needs and preferences.
  • It’s totally private and confidential—you are the only who ever sees the information in your password-protected account.
  • It’s available 24/7—from your computer, tablet or smartphone—for quick check-ins for inspiration and to see the progress you’re making.
  • If you so choose, you may review your results with your therapist to help monitor your treatment and progress.

This Health Club for Your Mind™ is like getting good news every day!

According to the myStrength team, “47% of myStrength users with Clinical Depression show meaningful improvement within 30 days, and on average these users report a 52% improvement in symptoms.”

Not bad for a free online tool! Give it a try.

Choose the tools and resources that work best for you

Powerful eLearning modules in myStrength—based on the latest research and supported by interactive tools, in-depth resources, daily motivational inspirations and weekly activities—lead you to rediscover your inner peace and mental well-being.

Register now for myStrength

  1. Ask your therapist or a receptionist at any Peak location for your free Peak “Payer Code.”
  2. Visit and click on “Sign-up.”
  3. Enter your 1-time “Payer Code.”
  4. Complete the personal profile and a brief Wellness Assessment.

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