Youth Life Skills Training

Building important skills for success in life

This comprehensive Peak Wellness Center skill-building program helps youth ages 3 to 18 communicate more effectively and behave more appropriately at home, in school and out in the world—which works out better for everyone involved!

Life skills training helps young people solve behavioral, emotional, social and situational challenges that have led to frustrating conflicts and have created difficulty in behaving appropriately in various settings.

Training customized for the unique needs of each young person

We tailor the curriculum and approach to the unique needs of your child. Some of the skills we frequently teach include how to

  • Listen
  • Follow instructions
  • Ask for help
  • Plan
  • Identify their immediate needs more specifically
  • Express feelings
  • Make requests in a non-demanding way
  • Consider the context for their thoughts, words and actions
  • Understand cause and effect
  • Use self-control
  • Accept “no” for an answer
  • Apologize
  • Be confident
  • Handle fears and difficult, stressful social situations

Working together with a child’s primary therapist, case manager, and family, Peak trainers use a positive, age-appropriate approach to help children learn these skills and practice them in real-world situations.

Developing better social skills will help your child succeed now and throughout his or her life!

Learn more and sign up

Contact us or talk with your child’s therapist or case manager about enrollment in life skills training.