Child Psychiatry

A special team dedicated to psychiatric care for children and teens

Peak Wellness Center has a dedicated child psychiatry team that includes one of Wyoming’s finest child psychiatrists. Fully licensed and highly trained, our team understands the unique challenges of treating mental health conditions in the still-growing minds and bodies of young people.

We treat every kind of mental health condition and behavioral problem, integrating any needed medication therapy with family counseling, individual and group therapy, and life skills training.

Pharmacy services and medication management

For your convenience, at our full-service pharmacy for Peak clients you may fill all of your family’s prescriptions and sign up for mail delivery of many medications. Our pharmacists provide careful oversight of our mediation treatment plans.

Trauma services

Our experienced youth trauma professionals help children manage and overcome the aftereffects of having witnessed or experienced violence, abuse or another traumatic event. Through our case management services, we can also serve as an advocate for your child in the care system or other matters relating to the trauma.

Treating ADD/ADHD

In treating Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), we look at the big picture of what’s happening in your child’s life—sleep, nutrition, family life, school, friends, time outside—to identify and address contributing factors. Mindful of side effects and the sensitivity of the developing brain, we view medication as only one tool among many e abuse.

Getting started is easy

Contact us anytime to schedule an initial intake appointment. We’d love to meet your kids and learn how we can help!