Here at Peak, we are honored to work among some really amazing employees, and we are also honored to work with community organizations that improve the lives of everyone who lives here. Every single day, our staff members and community partners do amazing things, and they do not go unnoticed!

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s awards! Your hard work and dedication truly do make an impact.

Clinical Staff/Excellence Award

Gannett Award Trophy: Heather Coughenour
• “Heather is an inspiration to those around her. Her positive attitude is contagious, not only to staff, but to clients as well.”

Grand Teton Award Certificate: Tim Masters
• “His ability to think through all variables and make sound and ethical clinical decisions is second to none and the quality I most admire about him.”

Wind River Award Certificate: Shatra Presbury
• “She is adaptable, knowledgeable, polite and a pleasure to work with. She is a great asset to Peak!”

Support/Admin Staff/Consider It Done

Gannett Award Trophy: Anna Johnson
• “Anna always has a positive attitude and enthusiasm. She is always willing to help with anything she is asked to do.”

Grand Teton Award Certificate: Michelle Kinohi
• “Michelle is a hard worker, very approachable, sweet and kind. Michelle is always there when you have questions or just need help. Thank you Michelle!”

Wind River Award Certificate: Marilyn Lund
• “Joy, grace, compassion, organization and knowledge are just a few of the traits you would notice when standing at the Muhr front desk talking with Marilyn Lund.”

Leaders/Leading the Way Award

Gannett Award Trophy: Aimee Foster
• “She not only deserves to be recognized for her skill, but we owe it as staff to thank her for her leadership through the difficult times.”

Grand Teton Award Certificate: Quinn Hutcheson
• “She is a living example of excellence in everything she
does. Peak is a better place because of Quinn.”

Wind River Award Certificate: Katrina Derbish
• “She makes a good office manager in that she is kind and fair, but won’t let staff get away with stuff, in order to stay productive and efficient in our processes.”

Board Member/Impact Award

Gannett Award Trophy:
Jennifer Anderson
• “She’s always ready to offer helpful suggestions and shows great dedication to Peak achieving its mission in our various communities.”

Grand Teton Award Certificate: Mike Helenbolt
• “It’s really great to see participation and the willingness to try new things, all with the overall goal of making Peak better.”

Wind River Award Certificate: Jocelyn McDonald
• “Jocelyn has been a champion in leading the Peak Foundation and has helped to create awareness for Peak.”

Community Partner/Key Contributor Award

Gannett Award Trophy: The Cheyenne Comea Shelter
• “It is not often that we are able to find another organization that shares the passion and desire to assist the Cheyenne community members that are most in need. The Comea Shelter truly is that organization.”

Grand Teton Award Certificate: United Way of Albany County
• “They are a prime example of organization supporting one another not only on a yearly basis but particularly during a global pandemic. I am grateful for their gracious backing of Peak Nation and Albany County!”

Wind River Award Certificate: Dr. Paul Washburn
• “Dr. Paul Washburn is an amazing community partner to Peak who is continuously willing to provide care to our clients while also trying to better health care in our state. He truly is a great partner.”



Karl Cline
Mike Alles
Jennifer Lindenfeld
Hillary Mundt
Wanda Denton
Angela Hape

Christmas Parade

Tanya O’Dell
Angela Hape
Amber Morgando
Marilyn Lund
Anna Johnson

*All recognized volunteers will receive a certificate and pin.