Did you know we offer a Sliding Fee for discounted services?

Access to care is important to us, and as such, we understand that not everyone has the ability to pay for treatment that is essential to their well-being and emotional health.

Our Sliding Fee Discount Program allows us to provide services at a discount of up to 90%!

Eligibility for the Sliding Fee Discount is determined by the Federal Poverty Guidelines and based upon income and family size. (Please click here for a Sliding Fee Discount chart).

To qualify, please fill out this application and be sure to bring the required documents to your first appointment. Until your application is approved, we cannot guarantee a discount on services, so please be sure you make this a priority when you first begin treatment.

A closer look at the Sliding Fee Discount tiers

There are six tiers on the Sliding Fee Scale: A, B, C, D, E and F. Your discount percentage is determined based upon which tier you qualify for.

Tier A receives the most substantial discount. If you are in this tier, you will be responsible for a 10% minimum fee for each service provided.

For example, if you qualify for Tier A, and you receive a 60-minute Clinical Assessment, you would be responsible for paying $12, which is 10% of the full fee. The cost of services vary based upon the time involved, so please make sure you review the full fee schedule.

Tier B is responsible for 20% of the full fee. Using our same example, a 60-minute Clinical Assessment would cost $24 for those who qualify for Tier B discounts.

Tier C is responsible for 30% of the full fee, or $36 for a 60-minute Clinical Assessment.

Tier D is responsible for 40% of the full fee, or $48 for a 60-minute Clinical Assessment.

Tier E is responsible for 50% of the full fee, or $60 for a 60-minute Clinical Assessment.

Tier F, which is 200% and above the Federal Poverty Guidelines, receives no discounts on services. Clients in Tier F would be responsible for the full fee of the 60-minute Clinical Assessment, which is $120.

How are the tiers determined?

The tiers are determined based upon the Federal Poverty Guidelines. (Please view the official website for more information on the Federal Poverty Guidelines.)

Your family size and income will determine your eligibility.

Services available with the Sliding Fee Discount

All of Peak’s services are available at a discount with the Sliding Fee scale, with only a few exceptions!

These exceptions are: Court-Ordered Group Therapy, Court-Ordered Clinical Assessments, DUI Evaluations and DUI/MIP classes.

Financial Hardship discount

If you are unable to afford services even with the Sliding Fee Discount, you may be eligible for a Financial Hardship discount. This will fully waive the fee for services.

A separate application must be filled out to qualify for Financial Hardship. Please speak with your provider or local clinic front desk staff as soon as possible.

For more information

If you still have questions about the Sliding Fee Discount, please check out a more detailed FAQ here.

There, you will also find links to the Sliding Fee Discount application, the complete Fee Schedule, and the Sliding Fee Discount policy and Fee and Billing policies.

If you still have questions, reach out to your care provider or to our clinic staff at the following locations:

Albany County / Laramie: 307-745-8915

Laramie County / Cheyenne: 307-634-9653

Goshen County / Torrington: 307-532-4091

Platte County / Wheatland: 307-322-3190