Peak Wellness Center Launches ‘Friends of Peak’ Fundraising Program

Cheyenne, WY – Peak Wellness Center is launching a brand new fundraising program on Monday, October 2nd, 2017. The giving program titled, Friends of Peak, is a program designed to engage the community in Peak’s mission through financial support and ambassadorship.

Friends of Peak provides a platform for our community to learn more about what we do at Peak, how we help and support people who live in Southeast Wyoming, and how they can be a part of changing those lives, too,” said Shelby Perea, Community Outreach Development Coordinator, recently hired to oversee the development of Peak’s fundraising program(s).

“Peak is new to fundraising, and we want this program to be about more than simply asking people to give us money. We want them to know and truly feel that we value them and their contribution. We want our donors to understand on a human level why what we do matters so much—we want them to feel connected to our mission,” said Perea.

With the Friends of Peak program, there are small gifts that Peak gives to donors as a ‘thank you’ for being an integral part of their extended team. Gifts include personalized thank-you notes, pens, mugs, laser-engraved keychains, and various recognition in Peak’s giving announcements and annual reports.

Peak’s Chief Operating Officer, Kortnie Mendoza, appreciates the purpose and structure of the program.

Friends of Peak is the perfect opportunity to embrace the giving spirit and directly impact the lives of our friends and neighbors. As a donor, I am satisfied knowing that my contribution and status as a ‘Friend of Peak’ is recognized, appreciated and influences the exceptional services provided to those in need,” said Mendoza.

Karl Cline, Peak’s Chief Executive Officer, notes the significance of Peak’s foray into fundraising.

“This is a step forward in more sustainably helping the folks in our communities who struggle with behavioral health challenges, and struggle with their finances at the same time. We hope to be able to help those who find themselves in the gap, in terms of funding and supporting their care and treatment,” said Cline.

As a nonprofit, community mental health organization, Peak meets the needs of a large population of people, including those with low- to no-income. Fundraising will help Peak to expand its reach and ability to continue providing quality, reliable, and accessible mental health services to this region.

About Peak Wellness Center:
Peak Wellness Center has a long history of being the largest and leading provider of comprehensive mental health and addiction-recovery services in southeastern Wyoming. We provide confidential, effective, affordable mental health services for people of any age in our community facing mental health challenges or addictions of any kind. Our highly experienced professional therapists have been specifically trained to treat addictions, depression, and family conflict. Peak Wellness Center has been leading the way in mental health services in Wyoming for over 58 years, since 1959. Our continued growth has allowed us to remain one of the top mental health and addiction-treatment centers in the state.

Peak Wellness Center Contact:
Shelby Perea, Community Outreach Development Coordinator
510 W. 29th Street | Cheyenne, WY
(307) 426-4713

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