Real question:
What are you doing to manage your anxiety?
(And is it working?)

If anxiety is a feeling you’ve been experiencing for a while now, it’s pretty likely you’ve:

    • Typed “is it normal to feel anxious all the time?” into a search engine
    • Seen more than your fair share of search engine results for “how to feel less anxious
    • Attempted to follow a handful of “guided meditation” videos... with varying levels of success
  • Felt frustrated that no matter what you’ve tried, those anxious feelings always come back

Anxiety is one of the most common issues we address at Peak Wellness, yet surprisingly, it’s also the one people wait the longest to come in and see us about.

Tell us if any of these thoughts sound familiar:

    • “Everyone feels worried; I’m just more stressed out than normal.”
    • “It’s just the time of year. In a few months, my mind is going to stop racing, and I’ll feel fine.”
  • “I can manage my anxiety on my own. It doesn’t make sense to get treatment for something that isn’t THAT big of a deal.”

Symptoms of anxiety are different for everyone, but the most common are trouble sleeping, difficulty controlling or slowing down your thoughts, intense feelings of impending doom (like something bad is always just about to happen), and even experiencing panic attacks.

Sometimes, knowing what to expect makes a situation less scary.
So, with that in mind—here’s what you can expect when you come to Peak Wellness for help treating your anxiety.

First, please rest assured: You can trust us. Everything stays 100% confidential.

When you arrive, you’ll first meet your care coordinator. They’ll sit down with you to talk about your symptoms, then determine how we can best help you.

No judgement. No waiting.

In most cases, you’ll be able to sit down with a counselor the very same day you come in.

Though every person’s anxiety treatment path is different, the most common counseling options our clients find helpful include:

    • Individual counseling
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (working to challenge anxious and fearful thoughts as they come up, and learning to change your reactions to situations that trigger anxiety or panicked feelings)
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (teaching your mind to stay “in the moment” and improve your ability to regulate negative emotions)
    • Anxiety-specific group therapy and support groups, set up by age and life stage
  • Peer anxiety specialists (group or one-on-one)
    • People who have successfully completed anxiety treatment and can speak to you from personal experience

If you’re worried about the cost of coming in to see us, don’t be.

It’s our goal to offer services to everyone who needs them, and we’ll work with you to make your care affordable and accessible.

Plus, it’s your choice how often you see us. Even after we decide on your treatment plan, we don’t require any “set” amount of appointments, and with office hours until 8 p.m. in most of our locations, you can schedule visits at times that work for you.

It can be scary to ask for help, but we want you to know:

You’re not alone; you don’t have to keep trying to do it alone; and we’re here to help you.

Stop by your local Peak office to get started.