Think back to the last time you came across a quote that really resonated with you or made you feel inspired.

Do you remember the “spark” you felt while reading or hearing it?

Now, imagine taking that feeling—that spark—and putting it into action.

That’s our goal with what we call “life skills” here at Peak Wellness:
To help you harness and nurture the spark you need to push through “stuck” feelings, lift away distracting mental barriers, and rewrite your mental script to create positive thought patterns.

For some people, life skills therapy is a way to dig in and explore pieces of their mental or emotional story that keep them from being able to communicate with their partners (or even family members) in a healthy, productive way; for others, life skills therapy provides necessary tools to regulate intense emotions or challenge negative thought patterns.

Through life skills therapy, we help our clients:

  • Shift and revise negative thought patterns
  • Break the cycle of negative relationship patterns
  • Create emotional stability
  • Explore ways to improve communication with loved ones
  • Challenge core beliefs/values that contribute to negative behavioral patterns

Every person responds differently, but the most common counseling options our clients find helpful include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
- Working to challenge negative thoughts as they come up
- Preparing a mental plan to address triggering thoughts and situations

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
- Teaching your mind to stay “in the moment”
- Improving your ability to regulate and manage negative emotions

Both styles of therapy are available through individual counseling, group counseling, and through group or one-on-one work with our peer life skills specialists. (These are people who have successfully completed life skills sessions with us, and can work with you using knowledge and skills from their personal experience.)

Whatever behavior patterns you’d like to move past, improve, or rewrite… we’re here to help.

Come in any time during your Peak location’s drop-in hours to get started.