Our Goshen and Platte county offices are joining together under a new name: Northern Region Clinic!

This change will allow us to serve both areas more efficiently and effectively by combining resources, streamlining services and reducing wait times for intakes and appointments. 

Our licensed, professional staff will now be able to provide therapy, outreach and services in both clinics, rather than just being limited to one area. 

There will be no disruptions to current services, and current clients will notice little to no changes. 

The Northern Region Clinic has two locations located in the heart of the communities served: Wheatland and Torrington.  

Essie McCall, LMFT, will be the director for the newly established Northern Region Clinic. McCall had previously served in the role of clinic director for the Platte County office since November 2019. 

Uniting the Platte and Goshen county clinics under one director will allow Peak to have “one mission, two locations” in the area, Essie says. “I’m excited to continue to support the mission.”  

Essie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). She has been providing treatment to individuals since 2011. For the last 7 years, she has provided therapy in a community mental health setting with work ranging from family programs like Parenting with Love & Limits to individualized substance use treatment.  

“As an LMFT, I am a firm believer that families are the building blocks of our communities. If we can support a family in becoming their best selves, our community is also enhanced by becoming healthier and stronger,” McCall said.