Help for my Family

We’re here to help your whole family—before, during and after

Having someone in your family struggle with mental illness, emotional issues or substance abuse can be stressful for your whole family. Family conflicts, hurt feelings, lack of sleep, unpredictable or upsetting behavior, mental fatigue and financial worries can complicate an already complicated situation.

Often, it’s hard for everyone—whether adults or children—to understand what’s happening, what to avoid and how best to help. It’s hard to see people you love suffer. And it’s hard to make sure your own needs are met when you feel responsible for other people whose needs seem so great.

That’s why Peak Wellness Center offers a full range of services specifically for helping families through situations like these.

We can provide totally confidential, affordable support for your entire family, and we’ll make sure that you, personally, have the help you need.

It’s never too soon—or too late—to ask for help.


Even if a family member needs help with mental health issues or substance abuse but for some reason isn’t yet ready to seek it, you can still turn to us anytime. We will help you come up with a plan for handling the situation while taking care of your family, and we’ll support you every step of the way.

When you need us, we're here and ready

Whether you need help for a child, spouse, partner, parent or yourself, Peak has a caring team and extensive support services ready whenever you need us.

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