Good news: If you are covered by an employer-sponsored Cigna insurance plan, you are now eligible to receive expanded EAP benefits.

EAP services allow you to meet with an in-network clinician, like our licensed clinicians at Peak Wellness Center.

The range of services covered include:

Elder Care: Companion services, home health care, safety monitoring

Financial: Spending habits, budgeting strategies, debt consolidation, managing credit, retirement planning

Physical Health: Nutrition, exercise

Emotional Health: Stress, depression, grief

Job/Career: Job skills, career growth, interviewing and networking

Relationship: Marital, domestic violence

Family Life: Parenting, development, childcare

Legal: Domestic/family law, civil law, real estate law

Substance Use: Alcohol, drugs

For more about EAP benefits and what's covered, check out this guide from Cigna.