If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, it’s time to seek treatment.

Thinking about your use of drugs or alcohol, have you ever asked yourself, “Is this serious enough to seek treatment?” If you have… it’s time. The power that simple substances can hold over us is incredible, isn’t it? Often without even realizing it, you become dependent on those tiny “fixes”— one more drink, just one … Continued

A family-centered approach to treating ADD and ADHD.

If you’ve reached your limit with your child or teenager’s distractibility, hyperactivity, and extremely impulsive behaviors… If you’re feeling worn out, frustrated, and unsure about where to go from here… Our team of compassionate, caring experts is here to offer you—and your family—a helping hand. Here at Peak, we take a bit of a different … Continued

Child psychiatry & youth programs

Leading Wyoming in specialized psychiatric care for children, Peak offers a wide range of counseling, group activities and support services for young people of all ages.

Foster Grandparent program

Our unique and rewarding volunteer program pairs elders in our community with children who need extra support from a caring adult.

Mental Health First Aid training

Led by Peak’s certified instructors and open to anyone in our community, our Mental Health First Aid Training program helps you know the signs of mental illness and how to respond if someone has a mental health crisis.