There is an anonymous quote out there that I like a lot:

“There is something in you that the world needs!”

You have all sorts of potential. You have gifts to offer others around you. Moving in toward the “back to school” season it is important to remember that you get to decide how to use your gifts and talents for those around you.

This year, there are plenty of questions about what school will look like. Each person, student, teacher, and administrator, not to mention, parent, is anticipating what the academic year will be like. How will we DO school? What about our friends and activities? Will my grades/assignments go well?

For all that is unknown about this fall and the coming school year, there is plenty that is known.

Each of us is the same person we were at the beginning of last school year. Our personalities, desires, hopes, skills and talents are still there. We react to the uncertainty of the times but that does not change who we are at the center of ourselves. The stress of the season does not determine our individual outcomes.

These unusual times are going on about us, not in us. Therefore, look for what you can offer to someone else.

A quick note of thanks or encouragement is always refreshing. A call to a friend or family member you have not talked to will brighten someone’s day. Someone needs your smile, your laugh, your silliness, or your perspective. Someone may need to see your drawing, hear your song, or enjoy your cooking. The community around you, your family, friends, and neighbors, need you.

Offer your gifts to your community and you will see a little less stress surrounding yourself.

Take your encouraging words to school, whatever that may look like this Fall, and bring some else some happiness. Tell someone they are appreciated; they are fun to be with or they are needed. Someone around you need to hear those words.

The fear of the unknown about returning to school will fade somewhat when you offer the world that part of you that is needed.

Karl Cline, MA, MBA
CEO, Peak Wellness Center