Our Clinical Team

Compassionate, dedicated experts with years of experience

Southeastern Wyoming’s largest private mental health and addiction treatment clinic, we have a clinical team of more than 110 psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, staff therapists, registered nurses and case managers with expertise in different specialty areas.

Journalist & media inquiries

Our on-staff subject matter experts frequently do interviews with journalists and educational content developers on topics related to mental health conditions, mental wellness, addictions and treatment. Contact us for more information or to schedule an interview.

Clinical staff

An official statement regarding our licensed clinical staff

This disclosure statement is required by the Mental Health Professional Licensing Act of 1997 for all individuals who practice in the areas of Social Work, Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy and Addictions. The following employees of Peak Wellness Center, Inc. (PWC) are regulated by the Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Board or the Wyoming Board of Psychology located at 1800 Carey Avenue, 4th Floor, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002.


Clinic Director - Albany County

Christin Covello, Ph.D, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Ballard, TaylorBSBSCare Coordinator
Brock, AliciaMALPCChild / Family Supervisor
Covello, ChristinPh.DLPCClinic Director
Emmett, ColleenaMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Frausto, DonnaBSBSCase Manager
Gallardo, HeatherBSBSCase Manager
Hernandez-Codallos, JuanMSWPCSWStaff Therapist
Ness, SabrenaMSPPCStaff Therapist
Pitt, AmandaMALPCStaff Therapist
Schleicher, LanieceMSPPCStaff Therapist
Sommerfeld, AmyMAPPCStaff Therapist
Zapinsky, ZariMSPPCStaff Therapist

Clinic Director - Goshen County

Allen, KletaMALPCAdult Services Supervisor
Baldridge, CindyOffice Manager
Courtney, JimiMAPPCStaff Therapist
Crager, DavidMHSLPCChildren's Services Supervisor
Ferguson, MorganBACMHWProgram Manager
Gibbons, KathyCSWCSWStaff Therapist
Harberts, AnnaBSBSCase Manager
Paknis, PamelaBSWBSWCase Manager
Sorrick, SusanMSLPCStaff Therapist
Yardley, VonneMALPCStaff Therapist

Clinic Director - Laramie County

Aimee Foster, PsyD
Doctor of Psychology

Carlson, SarahBSBSCase Manager
Coughenour, HeatherBABACase Manager
Cox, MaryMSNAPRNNurse Practitioner
Duncil, TylerBABACase Manager
Enstad, JasonAARNRegistered Nurse
Esquibel, TonyBSWCSWCase Manager
Foster, AimeePsyDPsyDLaramie County Clinic Director
Gale, JulieOffice Manager
Grund, DonovanBABAResidential Supervisor
Hopfensperger, KathrynMDMDPsychiatrist
Hunter, JoAnnMALPCSUD Supervisor / Staff Therapist
Kowalski, LyndaBABACare Coordinator
Lucas, DonnaMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Madrid, HeatherMSWLCSWRegional Director
Masters, TimMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
McKittrick, ChristopherMAPPCStaff Therapist
McNeil, HeidiMAPPCTRP Team Lead
Newbury, TrentonBSBSCase Manager
Peeples, KimMALPCMCRT Team Lead
Pignataro, CarolynDNPAPRNNurse Practitioner
Presbury, ShatraBSBSCare Coordinator
Salazar, GinaBABACase Manager
Schofield, ChristinaMSPPCStaff Therapist
Schultz, KahlaMSWPCSWStaff Therapist
Shuto, GaleBABACase Manager
Smith, LaurenMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Wann, DesireeMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Youngwirth, MariahBSBSCase Manager

Clinic Director - Laramie County

Aimee Foster, PsyD
Doctor of Psychology

Cope, RobertMSWPCSWStaff Therapist
Gilmore, KarlaBSWLATStaff Therapist
Kane, AlexMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Peters, MaeLeeMAPPCStaff Therapist
Phelps, JoshuaMSPPCStaff Therapist
Pieczalska, MartaMDMDPsychiatrist

Clinic Director - Goshen County

Essie McCall, MS, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Arends, LaurenBSBSCase Manager
Hutcheson, QuinnBABAOffice Manager
McCall, EssieMSLMFTClinic Director