Board of Directors

Providing guidance and oversight in service to Wyoming residents

Our Board of Directors plays a vital governing role at Peak Wellness Center:

  • Overseeing the budget and expenditures
  • Hiring the CEO and ratifying management staff
  • Approving rates charged for client services
  • Giving guidance and consent to enter into contracts
  • Determining operating policies and procedures
  • Ensuring that Peak upholds professional standards

We are so grateful for the time, energy, insights and dedication of our Board members. They share the commitment of our entire staff to continuous quality improvement and making sure anyone in need in southeastern Wyoming has access—and knows they have access—to affordable, top-quality mental health care and substance abuse treatment.

"We serve the people of Wyoming who look to us for services to make their lives, and the lives of their families, so much better."


"What a privilege it [was] to serve as Peak’s Board President. The dedication exhibited by Peak management, clinic directors, staff and of course my fellow Board members is truly humbling. We are all motivated by the success we see in the clients served, and in the vast array of services offered by Peak Wellness Center throughout our four county service area."

—James “Murph” Murphy, Past President
Peak Wellness Center



  • Brandon Swain

Vice President

  • Mike Helenbolt


  • Jennifer Anderson


  • Joni Rio

Past President

  • Lynette Saucedo

Albany County

  • Johanna Leuchter
  • Sharon Kubichek

Goshen County

  • Lynette Saucedo

Laramie County

  • Brandon Swain
  • Jennifer Anderson
  • Jocelyn McDonald
  • Mike Helenbolt
  • Paula Belknap

Platte County

  • Joni Rio
  • Rebecca Benton
  • Tammy Martin

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