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Peak Wellness Center has a long history of being the largest and leading provider of comprehensive mental health and addiction-recovery services in southeastern Wyoming. We provide confidential, effective, affordable mental health services for people of any age in our community facing mental health challenges or addictions of any kind. Our highly experienced professional therapists have been specifically trained to treat addictions, depression, and family conflict.

Peak Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art, private mental health and addiction-recovery clinic with convenient locations throughout southeastern Wyoming. We employ highly trained, caring mental health counselors, addiction counselors and depression counselors who provide the most comprehensive, evidence-based mental health care and substance-abuse treatment available. Peak Wellness Center has been leading the way in mental health services in Wyoming for over 55 years, since 1959. Our continued growth has allowed us to remain one of the top mental health and addiction-treatment centers in the state.

Backed by years of specific training to treat depression, addiction and family conflict, Peak Wellness Center’s compassionate team is here to help patients improve their mental health to become stronger, happier and more successful. Our highly trained and compassionate staff is comprised of nearly 200 employees and our clinical team is made up of more than 110 specialists, including one of Wyoming’s finest child psychiatrists.

The highly qualified mental health counselors, addiction counselors, and depression counselors at Peak Wellness Center provide the broadest range of mental health care and substance abuse treatments available in southeastern Wyoming, including specialized Youth & Family Services. We offer services ranging from trauma treatment to classes about parenting children with ADD/ADHD to supported housing for adults with severe mental illness. The Peak team customizes proven, evidence-based treatments and programs for the unique needs of each individual and family.

A primary goal of our depression therapists, addiction therapists and mental health therapists is to make sure each Peak Wellness Center client has the tools, resources, and support they need to effectively manage the daily aspects of mental health challenges and successful long-term recovery from substance abuse. Peak Wellness Center does this through our comprehensive, custom-tailored life assistance program.

There is a way to wellness. Peak can help you get there.

We help you become—and care for—your best self.

Nonprofit services that keep excellent mental health care affordable

In addition to serving clients insured through their employers, private plans, Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP, we keep our services accessible to anyone in need in our community via fees on a sliding scale, thanks in large part to our funding agencies.

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