Our Clinical Team

Compassionate, dedicated experts with years of experience

Southeastern Wyoming’s largest private mental health and addiction treatment clinic, we have a clinical team of more than 110 psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, staff therapists, registered nurses and case managers with expertise in different specialty areas.

Journalist & media inquiries

Our on-staff subject matter experts frequently do interviews with journalists and educational content developers on topics related to mental health conditions, mental wellness, addictions and treatment. Contact us for more information or to schedule an interview.

Clinical staff

An official statement regarding our licensed clinical staff

This disclosure statement is required by the Mental Health Professional Licensing Act of 1997 for all individuals who practice in the areas of Social Work, Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy and Addictions. The following employees of Peak Wellness Center, Inc. (PWC) are regulated by the Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Board or the Wyoming Board of Psychology located at 1800 Carey Avenue, 4th Floor, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002.


Clinic Director - Albany County

Jana Saltenberger, MSW, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Brady, AnastasiaBACase ManagerCase Manager
Cherny, StephanieMSLPCStaff Therapist
Clarke, JamieMSLPCStaff Therapist
Cotherman, GenBSWCase ManagerCase Manager
Duncan, JuliaMSNAPRNNurse Practitioner
Emmett, ColleenaMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Hardin, ShelleyMSPMFTStaff Therapist
Huss, AndreaMSPPCStaff Therapist
Judkins, LeslieMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Moody, SherriOffice ManagerOffice Manager
Pettis Jr., ErnestMdivLPCStaff Therapist
Pitt, AmandaMAPPCStaff Therapist
Saltenberger, JanaMSWLCSWProgram Director
Schaaf, JosephMDMDPsychiatrist
Tachiquin-Frias, JesusRNRNRegistered Nurse
Wille, KatieMSLPCChild Family Team Lead

Clinic Director - Goshen County

Maggie Loghry, MSW, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Baker, GuadalupeRNBSNNurse
Baldridge, CindyOffice ManagerOffice Manager
Baumgardner, LyndaMSLPCStaff Therapist
Courtney, JimiBACase ManagerCase Manager
Ferguson, MorganBACMHWCase Manager
Gibson, ShelleyBACare CoordinatorCare Coordinator
Hofer, LuzvimindaMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Krall, HeatherBACase ManagerCase Manager
Loghry, MaggieMSWLCSWRegional Clinical Director
Martin, GerriMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Ochsner, DebraMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Reimer, MikalaMAPPCStaff Therapist
Sorrick, SusanMSLPCStaff Therapist
Wolfe, MelanieMSWLCSWProgram Director
Wood, ReneMSWLCSWStaff Therapist

Clinic Director - Laramie County

Sue Garrett, MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Alles, MichaelBSWCSWProgram Manager
Bouldin, KellieBAPPCStaff Therapist
Burt, SarahAARNRegistered Nurse
Cox, MaryMSNAPRNNurse Practitioner
DeMuth, JamesMSLPCStaff Therapist
Dieters, KarlaMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Esquibel, TonyBSWCSWCase Manager
Garrett, SueMALPCCounty Director
Hale, DebOffice ManagerOffice Manager
Hays, DesireeMSWPCSWStaff Therapist
Hernandez, NikkiMSWPCSWStaff Therapist
Hilzer-Dickie, JonnaMALPCAdult Services Manager
Hopfensperger, KathrynMDMDPsychiatrist
Hubbard, Sherri EBSWCSWStaff Therapist
Hunter, JoAnnMALPCTeam Leader/Staff Therapist
Jones, ShadrickBACase ManagerCase Manager
Lanphear, MichaelBSCase ManagerCase Manager
Long, GregoryMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Lucas, DonnaMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Madrid, HeatherMSWPCSWStaff Therapist
Madrid, JoeMSWLCSWTeam Leader/Staff Therapist
Merrell, ArthurMDMDPsychiatrist
Morgan, RickMSCase ManagerCase Manager
Morgando, CoreyMSWPCSWTRP Technician Supervisor
Nelson, EricaBSCare CoordinatorCare Coordinator
Ness, AlanMSPATStaff Therapist
Person, JanMALPCProgram Manager
Reedy, RommelM.DivLPCProgram Director
Renison, RebeccaBACase ManagerCase Manager
Ruiz, DannyMSWLCSWStaff Therapist
Russell, ChristinaMSPPCStaff Therapist
Sanchez, SusanRNRegistered Nurse
Schultz, KahlaBSCase ManagerCase Manager
Schwab, JaredMSLPCStaff Therapist
Swan-Smith, PatriciaMA, MSLPCStaff Therapist
Tigue, SusanBSNRNRegistered Nurse
VanLancker, AlexBACase ManagerCase Manager

Clinic Director - Laramie County

Sue Garrett, MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor


Program Director

Jonna Hilzer-Dickie, MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Bobiney, AmyMSWPCSWStaff Therapist
Gilmore, KarlaBSWLATStaff Therapist
Hale, DebOffice ManagerOffice Manager
Hartman, WesleyMAPPCStaff Therapist
Hilzer-Dickie, JonnaMALPCProgram Director
Jones, MitsiMSLPCStaff Therapist
Pieczalska, MartaMDMDPsychiatrist
Terry, Lea MichelleMSLPCStaff Therapist
Thompson, Mary BethMSPMFTStaff Therapist
Warner, FrankieBMRNRegistered Nurse

Clinic Director - Goshen County

Maggie Loghry, MSW, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jones, KatherineMSPPCStaff Therapist
Kauffman, MariaBSOffice ManagerOffice Manager
Loghry, MaggieMSWLCSWRegional Clinical Director