Become your best self.

We'll help you get there.

Comprehensive Mental Health Care

A caring partner in helping you achieve a healthier mind and life—then move on!

Over the last 56 years, Peak Wellness Center has grown into the largest and leading provider of comprehensive mental health services in southeastern Wyoming. We provide confidential, effective, affordable mental health services for people of all ages in our community facing mental health challenges or addictions of any kind.

Our highly experienced professional counselors and therapists provide compassionate support for individuals and families working towards greater mental health and overall wellness.

We help you become—and care for—your best self.



We Can Help in a Crisis

We always have someone available to help you—anytime, day or night.

Suicide prevention

Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for immediate help.

Our friends at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline—available 24/7—will connect you to a trained and caring counselor in our area who can help you right away.

Mental health episodes

For emergency psychiatric care, please call the main Peak phone number in your area or call 911:

  • Albany County / Laramie: (307) 745-8915
  • Laramie County / Cheyenne: (307) 634-9653
  • Goshen County / Torrington: (307) 532-4091
  • Platte County / Wheatland: (307) 322-3190